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Silicon nitride ceramic die castings


Silicon nitride ceramics have a wide range of applications in precision machinery, aerospace, and semiconductor industries due to their high hardness, good high-temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance. Our silicon nitride ceramic die-casting parts adopt advanced ceramic injection molding technology, ensuring high precision and excellent physical properties of the products. Whether it's high-temperature components in engines, wear-resistant components in precision bearings, or insulating components in semiconductor equipment, our silicon nitride ceramic die castings can provide long-lasting service life and stable performance.


-Extremely high hardness and good wear resistance

-Good high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance

-High precision dimensional tolerances suitable for precision assembly

-Chemical resistance, suitable for harsh environments

-Can undergo surface coating treatment to further improve performance

Application scenario:

-Aerospace: Gas turbine engine components, rocket components, etc

-Semiconductor industry: wafer carriers, heat sinks, etc

-Precision machinery: high-speed bearings, cutting tools, etc

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