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Prospects of Medical Mold Industry


When Japanese scholar Pan Zhiren visited China for research, he commented that China's mold industry also has many advantages compared to Japan. In Chinese enterprises, there are young people with vitality and hope. However, in Japanese mold enterprises,

Most workers are over 50 years old and have few successors His proposition is that in the future development of medical molds in China

Industry should no longer use "fine machine tools to produce low-end molds", but should climb towards high-end precision medical molds such as life science products, and together we need to extend the industrial chain. Mold enterprises should not only produce molds, but also medical terminal products, improving their profitability


Chinese medical mold enterprises should accelerate technological cooperation with advanced foreign enterprises, establish their own brands, and actively cultivate high-end talents using local resources. For home appliance mold enterprises, especially those with a leading position in the country, they should actively introduce supporting enterprises

Industry, including collaborative component manufacturers, industrial design institutions, logistics enterprises, etc., forms an integrated home appliance equipment industrial system with relatively concentrated talent, funds, leading products, accessories, research and development design, marketing, and logistics. It is necessary to improve the overall competitiveness of the home appliance and equipment manufacturing industry cluster

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