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How much do you know about the cold knowledge of molds


Under the premise of ensuring the quality of the parts, the mold life refers to the number of mold operations that can form parts, and the mold life is a comprehensive reflection of the mold design, material properties, use and maintenance level, manufacturing level, and heat treatment level within a certain period of time.

Reasonable mold structure design should make the mold work, the stress concentration is small and uniform, and it is not easy to eccentric load. The service life of the mold is related to the heat treatment of mold materials, material selection, processing technology, design level, structure, smoothness and other factors. The service life plays a multiplier effect, and a reasonable mold structure must be designed.

No matter what kind of mold, the template must have good rigidity, and the template should not be too thin. When there is enough working machinery space, both the stiffness of the template and the strength requirements of the template must be considered. The radius of the fillet of the working part is not only It has an impact on the failure mode and life of the mold, as well as the forming process and product quality of the mold. For molds with complex fillet radius structures and occasions that cannot be increased, in order to reduce stress concentration, inlaid structures can be considered. For stamping dies, in On the premise of ensuring the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece, in order to improve the stress state of the working part of the punch, the gap between the punch and the die should be reasonably increased to improve the life of the die.

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